Ibn Al Haj Chemicals Is Among The Top Chemical Distributor In United Arab Emirates (UAE), Serving The Middle East, East Asia And South Asia Markets. With A Reputation For Excellence And Strong Performance, Ibn Al Haj Draws From A Rich History, With Roots Dating Back Decades. Our Assets, Staff And Technical Expertise Have Been Serving Markets For Over 30 Years.

Ibn Al Haj Manages Complex Supply Chains For Both Chemical Manufacturers And Consumers By Simplifying Market Acess To Hundreds Of Products. Our Capabilities Include Custom Packaging, Export Services And Distribution With End To End Services. As A Supplier Of Top-Grade Organic And Inorganic Chemicals, Ibn Al Haj Services Range Of Diverse Industries.

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To Be The Prefered Global Distributor Partner For Suppliers And Customers Worldwide.

What we aspire to achieve

Ibn Al Haj chemicals understands the challenges related to the current chemical sales, supply and storage industry and knows that planning, developing and adapting its key resources to the evolving needs of the market is the key to success. That is why Ibn Al Haj Chemicals has absorbed all trends in chemical trading industry, invested in cutting edge infrastructure and offer complete chemical sales and storage solutions with value added services through state of the art technology. That is the way the company can keep up with all the emerging and new market demands and secure the future as one of the most reliable chemical sales and Storage Company in the international market.

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Core values

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Safety and Sustainability

Safety is one of Ibn Al Haj Chemicals’ top priorities. As many of our tasks involve challenging production environments, one of our key concerns is the protection of our most important assets: our employees. The other most important part is protecting the environment we work in.
We at Ibn Al Haj Chemicals continuously strive to improve our sustainability performance in all our activities. We endeavor to successfully meet requirements set by local and international regulatory authorities – regarding all aspects of our business as well as our involvement with local and global communities. We promote sustainable solutions in close cooperation with our clients and business partners, believing that a safe environment is the most productive environment.

Compliance with international code of conduct

Ibn Al Haj Chemicals is an enterprise that has been molded in the international standards of corporate practices and production. Being respected and recognized in the international chemical trading circle is not just a privilege but a responsibility as well. Being a part of the global fraternity of chemical suppliers; Ibn Al Haj Chemicals adhere to code of conduct and ethics charted by international chemical trading fraternity down to the last detail and follow these principles zealously. This conduct encompass almost every major element of the company’s practices and govern Ibn Al Haj Chemicals policies in customer relationships, workforce management, quality control & assurance, supply, storage, safety, benchmarking etc.

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